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WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION – PLEASE KEEP CHECKING IN AS MORE CONTENT IS ADDED… A draft manual of the entire programme is available for download here:

This website is designed to help mindfulness teachers with experience in addictions teach MEAR, a rolling mindfulness programme for people in the early stages of recovery from addictions. Here you will find all the information you need to teach the programme, with downloadable session plans and handouts for participants.

If you’re interested in where this programme came from, have a look at the background and development section to see the rationale and how it’s come about.

Before teaching you might like to read Teaching the Programme, as there are some overarching principles in there and a helpful overview.

Then have a look at the Session Walkthrough, to get a feel for the programme and how a session works.

Each session is outlined in the individual session plans and, if you’ve also read the walkthrough, they should be easy to follow.

There is extra information and downloads in the resources section, and details of research will be available when it’s been completed.

If you have any queries, suggestions, or just want to say hi, do get in touch on the email below.

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