You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf


This website is designed to help mindfulness teachers with experience in addictions teach MEAR, a rolling mindfulness programme for people in the early stages of recovery from addictions. Here you will find background information about the course, and you can order the full manual, free of charge (see below for further details).

Why free?

I developed this programme to help those with addiction problems, and want to share it as widely as possible, with anyone interested in also helping others. As Dave Potter says of his brilliant work with Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at Palouse Mindfulness, it has been a labour of love. It also incorporates much of the work of others, who have kindly agreed to my using it, and this site costs very little to maintain (hence the adverts!).


If you would like to donate, I would like donations to go to the charity that runs the unit where MEAR was developed, called SMART.

How to order the manual

Simply click on the “order the manual” button and agree to the following terms:

  1. You are trained in mindfulness teaching, or in training.
  2. You have some experience of addiction work.
  3. If charging for sessions you will provide some free, or very low cost, sessions for those who cannot afford full price.
  4. You will fully acknowledge the origins of the course when delivering it.

I will also ask you to say if you would not be happy being added to an email list (with your email address kept confidential). There’s absolutely no obligation, and if you don’t say no I won’t send emails very often (max once a month). You can also opt out at any time.

The Programme

There’s a brief overview here, and if you’re interested in how MEAR came about, have a look at the background and development section.

Before teaching you might like to read Teaching the Programme, as there are some overarching principles in there and a helpful overview.

Some research has been done (by me!), and another piece is being done into an adapted online form at the moment (October 2020), by a colleague in Antwerp.

If you have any queries, suggestions, or just want to say hi, do get in touch on the email below.

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