The Programme

MEAR is a rolling programme,designed so that people can start at any point in the course: each session works as a standalone group. Each group is an hour long and consists of a mindfulness practice and some kind of exercise around a theme related to substance use recovery.

There are 12 core sessions, entitled:

  • Getting out of your head
  • Ways through anxiety
  • Thoughts are not facts
  • Triggers and feeling tones
  • You can’t stop the waves.. but you can learn to surf
  • Picking yourself up – not putting yourself down
  • Managing discomfort
  • You are not your thoughts
  • Mindful communication
  • Allowing and letting be
  • Exploring refraining
  • Balance and meaning

plus three extras, to use if appropriate:

  • Noticing nature
  • Channelling anger
  • the Polyvagal system

The Manual

The manual includes all you need to run each session, as well as printable resources to share with the group and helpful tips on how to run the course.

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